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The Wagga Wagga Food and Wine Festival is a project of the Rotary Club of Wollundry – Wagga Wagga.

The Festival is on Saturday 25th March 2023, 4pm until 10pm

Selection Process

Food vendors will be selected to represent the food grown or prepared in Wagga Wagga and the Riverina, and ethnic communities contributing to the development of our cuisine.

Vendor info

The site fee for food vendors in 2023 is $300.

Fees includes a 3 metre x 3 metre market tent, 2 trestles with plastic tablecloths, a tarpaulin on the floor if food is being prepared, tent sides and 240 volt power.  Provision of power is one of the greatest costs that we encounter, and stallholders that have generators, or are able to use gas powered appliances are encouraged to utilise this equipment.

We will have a hot water service available within the festival, and several coldwater sources. O H & S considerations apply – bring along an insulated and sealable container to carry your hot water. Bags of Ice will be available for sale within the festival.

        --- Food stalls for 2022 ---

Food stalls for the 2022 festival have been selected.

  • for any inquiries...Contact (food stall co-ordinator):

Michael Knight
0412 376 570

Wine stalls

  • Wine vendors have been pre-selected for 2022 but must submit confirmation of site requirements for the festival using the form below.  
  • The number of wine stalls is limited to 12 by the confines of the venue, and the availability of power and water.

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Contact (wine stall co-ordinator):

Tim McMullen

0404 084 657

Festival sponsors